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Dr. Wang Qiang, CTO of Tianjin Stock Company: Technical research and development pays attention to "digging deep beach and building low weir"!

Dr. Wang Qiang, CTO of Tianjin Stock Company: Technical research and development pays attention to "digging deep beach and building low weir"!

ABSTRACT: Recently, Shenzhen Municipal People's Social Bureau publicized and approved the personnel identified as high-level professionals in Shenzhen according to the Circular of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government on Publishing and Issuing Measures for Identifying Talents in Shenzhen. Dr. Wang Qiang, Dean of CTO/Dynamics & Energy Storage Research Institute of Tianjin Stock Co., Ltd., was recognized as the "local leader" of high-level professionals in Shenzhen.
In the new energy automobile development tide, the high energy density battery system based on safety has become the direction of the industry's general concern and development. High nickel positive electrode, silicon negative electrode and all solid state technology have passed the "disillusionment period" into a stable development period, and gradually entered the commercial stage. This creates favorable conditions for the construction of new energy vehicles with safer and higher durability. At the same time, for battery manufacturers, sticking to the conventions means that they immediately lag behind.
In conclusion, the core competitiveness of Tianjin Power Battery Company lies in the following points: firstly, the integrity of the solution can provide customers with a full range of three-dimensional soft package system solutions from logistics vehicles to passenger vehicles; secondly, the openness of the solution, in accordance with industry standards, especially in the logistics vehicle standard module and passenger vehicle VDA module, has already taken shape. It has become a rich product sequence with good compatibility and openness for third parties. Furthermore, the solution is available, easy to use and easy to use, which can meet the operation needs of new energy vehicles in reliability, operation and maintenance, high performance and safety.
Tianjin Stock Co., Ltd. has been making changes and adjustments in technology research and development while steadfastly lifting up sleeves and refueling dry, so as to meet the challenges of the market in a positive manner.
1) Key to Value Enhancement: How to Accelerate the Landing of 200Wh/kg System
Although large-scale commercial deployment of 200Wh/kg power battery system is expected to start in 2020, Tianjin shares believe that it is time to prepare for this technology! Recently, Shenzhen Economic, Trade and Informatization Commission officially announced the approval results of the special fund support plan for strategic emerging and future industries in 2017. Among them, the special implementation plan for the integration of 200Wh/kg power battery system R&D and industrialization "Innovation Chain+Industry Chain" led by Tianjin Stock Company was approved, with a total funding of 45 million yuan. The project is led by Tianjin Stock Company. The cooperative participants include Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen New Zero Bang Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xingyuan Material Technology Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Defang Nanotechnology Co., Ltd.
Wang Qiang, CTO of Tianjin Stock Company, said that how to make 200Wh/kg power battery system from an island-like R&D product to a complete and fast commercial industry solution is a problem that the whole industry is thinking about. In the long run, we must strive to develop for a larger market share, on the premise of ensuring the leading position of technology, so as to win the competition. The independent research and development ability brought by many years'technical investment makes Tianjin share have the overall system architecture design ability from soft-packed cores, control systems, heat dissipation components, waterproof components, lightweight structural components, which provides security guarantee for the stability and matching of the whole power battery system.
2) Heat management technology, safety first
The positioning of Tianjin Stock Company is the promoter of new energy vehicle soft package power solution. Its core is to build an open, flexible, safe and flexible technology platform based on high-energy investment in new technologies such as soft package cores, all-weather thermal management system and reliable thermal runaway safety.
This year, due to Tianjin's continuous investment in thermal management research and development, Tianjin's project "Advanced thermal management technology for high specific energy soft pack power battery packs" has passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of China Hi-tech Industrialization Research Association smoothly, and will further strengthen its promotion to meet market requirements. The special research on thermal management technology combines various thermal management measures such as natural heat dissipation, liquid cooling and low temperature heating to control the temperature difference of batteries within 5 C, so as to ensure that the battery system can adapt to extreme high temperature and low temperature conditions, and expand the application area and use convenience of the whole vehicle.
In addition, Tianjin shares participated in the formulation of thermal management standards and was recognized as Guangdong Power Battery (Thermal Management) Engineering and Technology Research Center. It also proved that the industry market recognized Tianjin Shares'thermal management technology innovation ability. At the same time, it also made Tianjin shares have more voice and competitiveness in the industry.
Only by mastering the standard discourse power can enterprises always be in the leading position in the industry and keep the leading position in innovation of products.
3) Pushing the energy storage battery business to a new height and looking for a new blue sea
Tianjin Stock Company has been working out a transformation blueprint for the future business in 3-5 years, which needs to set a suitable path according to the customer's own strategy. It needs to consider the quick effect of short-term goals in order to gain support and confidence, and also pay attention to the long-term blueprint to achieve the overall optimum business. This year, Tianjin's "Research and Development Project of High Efficiency and High Current Balance for Container Energy Storage of Lithium Ion Batteries and Key Technologies of the System" was successfully supported by Shenzhen Science and Technology Creation Commission's "Key Technologies Research and Development Project in 2017".
According to Dr. Wang Qiang, Tianjin has started innovative research and development on core technologies such as core cells, energy storage modules and energy storage economy, aiming at the volume, reliability and cost of energy storage applications in microgrid, and has achieved phased results in solving these problems. More worthwhile