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R & D Strength

200Wh/kg power battery system development

The Shenzhen Economic, Trade, and Information Technology Committee officially announced the 2017 Strategic Emerging and Future Industry Special Funding Support Program, in which 200Wh/kg power battery system led by Tianjin Co., Ltd. R&D and industrialization “Innovation Chain + Industry Chain” The integration of the special implementation plan was approved, with a total funding of 45 million yuan. The cooperation units of the project include Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen Xinzhoubang Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xingyuan Material Technology Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Defang Nano Technology Co., Ltd.


“Lithium-ion battery container energy storage efficient high current balancing and system key technology research and development project”

Tianjin Co., Ltd. independently applied for the “Lithium-Ion Battery Container Energy Storage Efficient Large Current Equilibrium and System Key Technology R&D” project, which was successfully approved by the Science and Technology Commission “2017 Key Technology Research Project”.



"High specific energy soft pack power battery advanced thermal management technology" project

Tianjin's "Advanced Energy Management Technology for High-Energy Soft-Battery Power Battery Pack" project passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of China High-tech Industrialization Research Association on June 8, and will further increase its promotion efforts to meet market requirements. Special research on thermal management technology, comprehensive thermal management measures such as natural heat dissipation, liquid cooling and low temperature heating, control battery temperature difference within 5 °C, ensure battery system adapt to extreme high temperature, limit low temperature working conditions, expand vehicle application area and convenient use Sex. The thermal management system of key projects can reach a temperature rise of 7 degrees and a temperature difference of 3 degrees. This indicator is very competitive in China.