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Tianjin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech project invested by Foshan Municipal Committee, Government and Guangdong Tianjin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The establishment and construction of this project conforms to the industrial and economic development policies of the state, Guangdong Province, Foshan City and Shunde District, as well as the development trend of power battery industry. It is a new energy automobile power battery industry base with comprehensive & ldquo; automation, high efficiency, specialization & rdquo; positioning, international advanced equipment and advanced productivity.

In June 2017, the company acquired 150 mu of industrial land in Shunde District, and built production, office, and life services supporting 201420 square meters, including 179800 square meters of factory warehouse, 13860 square meters of office research and development, 7760 square meters of life services supporting, in order to support and meet the production and research and development needs of new energy vehicles in many application areas. With the concern and support of government departments at all levels, Tianjin Foshan is now successfully constructing the whole project.

The total investment of the project is 20.04 million yuan, including 15 million yuan of construction investment, 75 million yuan of reserve fee and 425.4 million yuan of floor liquidity. Among them, the construction investment is estimated at 1500 million yuan, including 197.48 million yuan for the construction and security project, 12.2 million yuan for the purchase of equipment and equipment (for the purchase of the most advanced lithium-ion power battery production and development of highly adaptive automation equipment and production line), and 102.52 million yuan for other construction costs.

After the completion of the project, nearly 1000 people will be employed and 8GWh new energy battery production will be realized, with annual output value exceeding 10 billion yuan, annual tax amount exceeding 300 million yuan and annual profit reaching 100 million yuan, which will bring greater comprehensive benefits to the local economy, making Shunde, Foshan, one of the representative R&D and production bases of new energy automobile power battery in the Pearl River Delta and even in the whole country.