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Company Culture


Create Excellent Team, Create First-class Brand of Green New Energy


Teamgiant  is committed to building a united and upward management team, leading all employees of Tianjin Stock to consistently provide customers with high cost-effective new energy products and all-round value-added services. Tianjin Stock is determined to become a first-class new energy products and services enterprise, and win customers'trust through innovative development of its core products and target markets in the ever-changing market competition. Tianjin Holdings adheres to the idea of integrating science and technology into the ideal, and innovates to brighten the future R&D concept. It firmly believes that through unremitting innovation and efforts, Tianjin Holdings will establish a shining brand and grow into a respected enterprise.


Innovation, Lean, Dedication, Passion, Excellence


Innovation - Breaking through conventions, agitating ideas, changing ideas, and continuing innovation in technology and management.

Lean - Effective allocation and rational use of resources to maximize economic benefits.

Dedication - Aigang devotes herself to work and excellence, devotes herself wholeheartedly, and contributes wisdom and strength to the realization of vision and mission.

Passion - Have a strong sense of mission and conviction, take the initiative to meet challenges, never give up.

Excellence - Establish a strong sense of crisis and responsibility, keep pace with the times, constantly self-surpass, and unswervingly pursue the goal of excellence.

Tianjin Stock Company encourages all-round innovation, takes lean thinking as guidance, advocates selfless dedication, and calls on employees to work hard with passion and pursue excellence goals together.


Beyond customer expectations, provide overall solutions for new energy power and energy storage systems


Tianjin people treat their work with great enthusiasm, create economic benefits and social values with excellent management methods, focus on customers, use high-quality products and services to better meet the actual and potential needs of customers faster than competitors, provide new energy product system solutions beyond customer expectations, and benefit each other with society, shareholders, customers, employees and partners. Win win.